Mikaela G: “The photo on the right is my teeth before treatment and the
photo on the left is me nearing the end of my Invisalign treatment.”
This young man came in with his girlfriend, looking for an option to fix
his teeth. He had seen several orthodontists and everyone told him that
his only option is jaw surgery. He did not want surgery and could not
afford the cost. We offered to help improve his teeth's appearance and
function as long as he understands that the results will not be ideal.
After 1.5 years, we took braces off for his wedding! Happily ever after!
40 year-old female with underbite (lower teeth in front of top teeth),
looking to close the gaps and fix her bite. We were able to deliver great
results with Invisalign
JH. She had open bite and crowding, treated with Invisalign in 18
JJ had a large gap and overbite; treatment completed in 16 months.
E.B had open bite, meaning his front teeth did not close when he bit
down. This was caused by thumb sucking habit and we managed to fix
his bite with a combination of braces, appliance therapy, and habit
When you invest in orthodontic treatment for you or your family, you pay for visible results in your smile. At Laguna Niguel Orthodontics, we understand that patients put their trust in our ability to improve their oral health through orthodontic treatment. Our goal is to achieve your dream smile before that you can be proud of, and a transformation that makes everyone including you say "wow, what a great makeover" when looking at before and after photos. Our team is committed to giving our patients a comfortable and enjoyable experience throughout the treatment and at each appointment in our office.

At Laguna Niguel Orthodontics, we have the expertise and decades of experience in improving our patients' smiles and better dental health. Our orthodontist, Dr. Nooshin Majd with more than 20 years of experience in her specialty field of orthodontics performs a comprehensive initial exam and our team of skilled orthodontic assistants will take comprehensive orthodontic records including pictures of the face and teeth, orthodontic radiographs (X-rays of the head, jaws and teeth) as well as digital impressions or scans of your teeth and bite ( the latest technology that replaces the old fashion impressions known as"molds" which was not as comfortable for the patient). These initial records help our orthodontist and team create a customized treatment plan to deliver the ideal results you expect from orthodontic treatment using Invisalign and/or braces. Dr. Majd is Certified and a Preferred Provider for Invisalign, she has been recognized as one of "Top Dentists" (orthodontists) in Orange County every year since 2016.

Offering a wide range of orthodontic treatment options including Invisalign (removable clear aligners), traditional metal braces, Self-ligating (Damon) brackets, Lingual (inside) braces and ceramic ( clear) braces, we can create the perfect treatment plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. You will surely be able to have your desired results from your braces or Invisalign treatment with us.

We treat both adults and children for their corrective needs. Whether it's an overbite or alignment issues, TMJ or jaw imbalance contributing to sleep apnea, Dr. Majd will be able to diagnose the problem, educate you on your choices and options and work with you to correct the problem. We know your teeth are important to your overall health and go beyond an attractive smile, which is why our goal at Laguna Niguel Orthodontics is to provide our patients with their best orthodontic treatment option and experience through the journey to achieve their desired outcome.
We love capturing the great improvements in patients' appearance and smile resulting from orthodontic treatment. If you want dazzling before and after photos that show how far your smile has come with orthodontic treatment, we keep records of the changes to show our patients how their smile is improving. Before and after pictures, radiographs and digital scans of the teeth and bite are the most effective way of displaying the difference our treatment has made.

Our patients' results prove the effectiveness of the orthodontic care we provide. From our orthodontic before and after pictures, you can see how unique every patient's problems are and how well our customized treatment plans work. We perform measurements and complete analysis of the patient's face and teeth and decide on the best orthodontic and dental treatment plan for each patient and ensure that each of our patients leaves with a thorough understanding of the intended course of action and what they can expect at each appointment. We've given so many patients the smiles they wanted over the years that we've become a trusted resource for the area's dental needs.
We can promise beautiful results, but we know people want to see for themselves. For this reason, we make sure to document every orthodontic treatment process from start to finish. Check out the success stories our patients love to tell! We share a few of the before and after orthodontic images to show the change each patient underwent with our treatment. If you want to see a preview of the results for your own smile, at Laguna Niguel Orthodontics we have the state of the art technology that can make it happen. Using our digital iTero scanner, we can scan your teeth and have the simulated image of your final outcome created by our advanced software program. This takes only minutes and is a great tool to show you how your perfect smile will look like.

If you want to see results from the investment you made in your dental care, our team will provide just that with a treatment plan. Laguna Niguel Orthodontics has the expertise to give you the smile you've always wanted. Schedule an appointment to get one step closer to your ideal smile by contacting us today. We look forward to serving new patients in Orange County.