Orthodontics goes beyond straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Orthodontists certified by the American Association of Orthodontists focus on maintaining the health of teeth and jaws and improving overall dental function and aesthetics. Orthodontic treatment goals include establishing facial balance and esthetics, healthy function in speech, chewing and neuromuscular balance in the area of head and neck.

The smile transformation and orthodontic journey begins with an initial consultation with our Laguna Niguel orthodontist Dr. Majd, who has over 20 years of experience in this field. During this consultation, Dr. Majd will discuss your unique orthodontic case and how we can achieve the best results for your teeth and facial aesthetics. We work with you to design the unique orthodontic treatment plan for your and needs.
At Laguna Niguel Orthodontics, you’ll find highest standards of care and attention to detail from the beginning and throughout your orthodontic care with us. Our team of professional specialists can treat many common orthodontic issues, such as overbite, underbite, teeth crowding and spacing, TMJ-TMD, sleep apnea and more.
At Laguna Niguel Orthodontics, we offer a wide range of orthodontic treatment options for both adults and children. Your children can receive the orthodontic and pediatric dentistry care they need by our specialists team in one comfortable, friendly and convenient place.

Orthodontic treatment can last from a few months to several years. The duration depends on factors such as age, treatment method and the severity of a patient’s case.
Overbite, Underbite & Other Teeth and Jaw Alignment Issues
Many teeth alignment issues can cause jaw pain, discomfort and dissatisfaction with the appearance of one's smile as well as damage to the health and longevity of the teeth and gums. Our orthodontic specialist creates a treatment plan to address any issues such as overbite, underbite, missing teeth space and shifting of adjacent ones, crowded or overly spaced teeth. These treatment plans may involve special orthodontic appliances, braces, Invisalign and for severe cases tooth extraction or jaw surgery may be necessary.
TMJ-TMD Treatment
Some patients experience misalignment of their temporomandibular joint, which connects the lower jawbone to the skull. Issues with this joint can cause chronic facial and neck pain and symptoms known as TMJ-TMD. Our specialist can diagnose TMJ issues and create customized treatment plans to help resolve this issue and relieve associated pain and discomfort.
Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea refers to interrupted breathing and not getting enough Oxygen to the brain during sleep. It can cause choking noises, heavy snoring and disrupted sleep, resulting in fatigue and health issues. At Laguna Niguel Orthodontics, we diagnose the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea and offer some treatment options or refer some patients to a sleep apnea specialist.
In Laguna Niguel orthodontics, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions — you’re unique, so your treatment plan should be too. Our orthodontic treatment options include classic fixed appliances like basic metal braces or other esthetic or most advanced variations such as Invisalign®. We also offer world-class orthodontics associated with jaw surgery and provide emergency orthodontics to take care of any issues that may arise when wearing braces.
We specialize in braces of all types, from conventional orthodontic appliances like metal braces to self-litigating, clear brackets, Lingual (inside braces), braces that are virtually invisible and Invisalign. We tailor your treatment plan to your unique case, expectations and needs, resulting in your desired outcome and dream smile.
Laguna Niguel Orthodontics was one of the first practices in the area to specialize in Invisalign® treatments. These clear, invisible trays are customized to each patient’s teeth and can be removed whenever necessary. Our specialists use 3D technology to ensure the perfect fit, flexibility and discretion.
Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) are small screw-like anchors often used in addition to braces to help realign teeth comfortably and quickly. Our orthodontist,Dr. Majd uses TADs in some cases in which they serve as an anchor point for control and maximizing tooth movements and achieving ideal results.
Orthodontic (Orthognathic) Surgery
In some severe cases,jaw surgery may be necessary to fix jaw issues such as incorrect bite, bone irregularities or facial disproportions. Orthodontic surgery can vastly improve a patient’s quality of life by making it easier to eat, breathe and speak. We offer consultations and work with patients to create personalized orthodontic care plans, which may include braces, for before and after surgery.
Emergency Orthodontics
Our emergency orthodontic services take care of any issues that may arise, including fixing broken or loose braces (brackets) , repair of broken or loose orthodontic expanders or other appliances and fixing sharp or loose wires.
We treat each of our patients with the utmost respect, care and individuality. At Laguna Niguel Orthodontics, we tailor each treatment plan to your needs and goals. Each of our patients walks away with healthier, happier smiles. To see real-life examples of our patients' journeys, check out our before and after photo gallery.

If you’re ready to work with one of the best orthodontists in Orange County, schedule an appointment today. Your first consultation with Dr. Majd will be free of charge. Give us a call to learn more!