Who is the best orthodontist for you?

Orthodontic treatment is a long term and relatively costly treatment aimed to improve an individual’s health, function, appearance and confidence. Most of today’s teenagers have either undergone orthodontic treatment, are currently in treatment or need it but have not been able to get the care required.

A significant number of adults are also seeking orthodontic treatment since they did not have the opportunity when they were in their teenage years or have had braces but did not follow up with wearing their retainers, their teeth have shifted and they are looking to undergo orthodontic treatment again.

Whether you are looking for treatment for the first time or any other circumstances, your best choice is an “orthodontist” who is a specialist with 2-3 years of exclusive training after dental school,this training is focused around orthodontics and correction of anomalies of jaws and teeth. Most orthodontists have a certificate of specialty and are members of “American Association of Orthodontists”. Orthodontists are dentists with additional training that specialize in “Orthodontics” and do not provide any other dental procedures such as cleaning, fillings or extractions.

Some general dentists offer orthodontic treatment, braces and specially Invisalign as part of their spectrum of services and usually have lower fees or advertise cheaper prices than orthodontists. As you know and the saying goes:” you get what you pay for!”, choosing an orthodontist is the best and only way to insure the treatment will be carried out with the highest quality and best outcome. As you would see a cardiologist for your heart, you will have better care with an orthodontist when undergoing orthodontic treatment or Invisalign.

Ask every orthodontist and they all have stories of cases that general dentists tried to perform orthodontic treatment and the results were disappointing, then the patient had to seek help from an orthodontist and pay additional fees to have a good outcome.
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