It’s important to maintain healthy teeth and gums while wearing braces to prevent damage and produce ideal results. At Laguna Niguel Orthodontics, we want the best outcomes for our patients, which is why we take the time to educate you on how to improve your oral health. Dr. Majd uses brackets, bands, and wires as part of a system to move the teeth and achieve ideal results including perfect teeth and a healthy bite. It’s important to take care of all parts of your braces to ensure your treatment stays on track and is effective as possible. Practicing basic orthodontic care and following our recommendations will help keep your teeth and gums healthy why you’re wearing braces.
After you get braces, some dietary adjustments must be made to protect your appliance. Certain foods can do major damage to braces bending the wires and breaking the glue that holds the braces in place. Once pieces become loose, your braces will not function as intended and your orthodontic treatment progress may be delayed. Try to avoid chewy, sticky foods like chewing gum, caramel, bagels, or beef jerky and hard, crunch foods like popcorn, nuts, and ice chips. Avoid biting directly into foods like whole apples, corn on the cob, and carrots – try cutting them into bite sized pieces instead.
Properly caring for your teeth and appliances as well as scheduling regular hygiene appointments with your dentist is crucial during orthodontic treatment. If oral health is not properly maintained during treatment, damage to the teeth and gums may occur. At Laguna Niguel Orthodontics, we can help you maintain and improve your dental health during the course of your orthodontic treatment. Specialized toothbrushes for braces exist, but any kind of toothbrush can properly clean your braces as long as it’s used properly. Electric toothbrushes, waterpicks, and special flossers for braces can make oral care easier for you during treatment. Use fluoride mouthwash regularly to help prevent cavities and protect your tooth enamel. We will always provide you with any information and tools you will need to care for your teeth and braces. Cleaning around braces and under the wire can be a challenge, but with time and practice, it does get easier!
Some patients may experience some mild soreness or discomfort for the first few days after they get braces. This is normal and will subside within a few days after application of your braces. Braces, aligners, and attachments can be irritating to the tender tissues inside the mouth for a few days until you adjust to the changes. After adjustment visits, you may feel some soreness for a few days, especially when chewing. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to the teeth gradually being pushed into their correct positions. If you are experiencing any pain, an over-the-counter pain medication like Ibuprofen, Tylenol, or Advil should effectively relieve the pain.