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Children’s Dentistry Quiz Answers!

Correct Answers will be bold!

1. At what age should my child see the orthodontist? 

A. 0-1 Years Old

B. 6-7 Years Old*

C. 10-12 Years Old


2. When do a child’s primary teeth typically begin growing? 

A. 6 Months Old*

B. 2 Years Old

C. 4 Years Old


3. What is the most popular toothbrush color in the US?

A. Red

B. Green

C. Blue*


4. What percent of Americans has at least 1 cavity by age 17? 

A. 29%

B. 52%

C. 78%*


5. What is the average amount of money left by the tooth fairy in 2019?

A. $1.80

B. $3.70*

C. $6.30


American Association of Orthodontists
California Association of Orthodontists